Hire lasershot to impress guests both young and old with this fun filled shooting simulator that can be enjoyed by all. Guests will gather round to watch as players compete on the indoor shooting simulator, seeing who has the best accuracy and meanest dead-eye. This indoor laser shooting is an upgrade from the arcade machines seen in amusements up and down the country as it uses projections from real police training videos. This choice of shooting game hire is also a safer, more economical, and smaller scale choice than the popular clay pigeon shooting.

Lasershot is a fantastic alternative to clay pigeon shooting, but if you were looking for something on a larger scale then you can hire indoor laser clay pigeon shooting with this game expanding up to 20ft in width. For outdoor events you can hire laser clay pigeon shooting that is still more economical and safer than the traditional clay pigeon shooting game. We hire indoor laser shooting to all types of events, including family fun days, corporate functions, weddings, and private parties and customers who hire laser shot are always impressed with the quality of the product.

If you are looking to hire indoor laser shoot but are unsure of which product suits you best, give our sales team a call. We will find out about your venue and intended guest list to help you decide on which laser shooting game will suit you and your specific event. Laser shot, the indoor shooting game, is great fun for all ages and can fit in almost any sized venue. We also have an even smaller scale indoor laser shooting simulator with cardboard cut outs of James Bond and John Wayne readily available.

You can hire shooting simulator all year round from anywhere in the UK, and our range of shooting simulators is staggering. Laser shot is an ideal choice for an indoor event where guests can come and go as they please, and scores can be collected and prizes given to winning players. For themed events, shooting simulators are great fun, working especially well with Wild West and James Bond themes. For themed events we can also supply decorations, props, backdrops and lighting to increase the authenticity of the event, whilst also providing top quality entertainment. To find out more about laser shot and our other fantastic entertainment products and services, give our sales team a call. We will ensure that the right entertainment is chosen for your unique event.